How to enjoy your lunch, try the new modern gastronomic bistrot. We tried last week for lunch: le Dix Huit. Recently open in 2014, its offers modern French cuisine with a touch of Asian inspiration.

The lunch menu is very affordable: 3-course menu at 24 EUR/person and 2-course menu (appetizer + main dish or main dish + dessert) at 19 EUR/person.

The lunch menu changes every day, so no chance to be bored ! On our plate today: a Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthis) and parsnip soup with scallop and caviar (!), a grilled turbot with cabbage and an yuzu emulsion and last but not least for the dessert: a lemon and Calamansi creme, Italian meringue and some physalis.

For those who do not know yet: yuzu is a Japanese fruit belonging to the citrus family, a good mix between a clementine and a lemon, sweet like the first but a bit sour like the 2nd. It has become a favorite among French chefs. This great fruit is easy to marry with all types of products (fish, chocolate, veal...). Now to the Calamansi also called Calomondin, belongs once more to the citrus family is an hybrid of a citrus and a kumquat. This gives a strong sour taste, quite interesting especially is you like the citrus family.

All in all a great lunch, my favorite dish: definitely the soup....mild but tasty with scallop, just loved it. Also a big applause for the fish: perfectly grilled.

If you want to find it: Le Dix-Huit, 18 rue Bayen, 75017 Paris - a few block away from the Arch of Triumph. If you wish to find out more addresses like this, please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.