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  • Type of Tour: Private Walking Tour
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Tour highlights: the "Vénus de Milo", the Wedding Feast at Cana, Mona Lisa, the Raft of the Medusa, the Nike of Samothrace and the Apollo Gallery.
  • Meeting Point: Louvre Museum
  • Max. Size of your Party: 6 people.
  • Price: 260 EUR + 17 EUR/adult
  • Cancellation: full refund if we receive your notice at least 1 week before the tour date, 100% cancellation fee otherwise

Come discover with us one of the largest museum in the world with its amazing collection from the Egyptians to the 19th century painters.

Our professional licensed guide will take through the history and art making it so fun, engaging and interesting that you will want to see and learn more. As most of our visitors do not want to spend many many hours in the museum, our guide will focus on the masterpieces among those: the "Vénus de Milo", The Wedding Feast at Cana, Mona Lisa, The Raft of the Medusa or the Apollo Gallery.

Our excellent guide does not only show you the art, but brings it to life for you, so that you understand why the art you are looking at is a masterpiece.
Being accompanied with an expert of the Louvre museum, will make your navigation through this large museum very easy, you will pass the rooms one after each other without even noticing what you are accomplishing. if you are an art lover, you will be delighted by the knowledge and expertise of our guides. if you are a novice, our guide will grant you an easy access to the art and the painting, so that you too will be thrilled by the experience.

If you were to choose only one private tour, we would definitely recommend the Louvre, since the museum is so large that you could spend days in there, without truly enjoying.
Our private tour is the best option to gain a great understanding of the art, watch beautiful artworks while spending just the right amount of time in the museum.
For those who want more, we do organize tour of 3 or 4 hours in the Louvre, please contact us directly.


"We booked our private tour (4 people) of the Louvre through Unique Paris. Carine was extremely responsive in handling the details. Agatha, our guide, had a wonderful personality and a great grasp on all aspects of the museums, including the building's history. All-in-all the tour was one of the highlights of our trip. Highly recommend ".

Robert Nagy
Dallas, TX - USA
"Our private tour of the Louvre was also a blessing - our guide met us outside the Louvre, and took us to all the areas we were most interested in and gave us some very educational information along the way".

Alberta - Canada
"Pauline. She knew Paris and the Louvre well, was vibrant and engaging - she made our tour fun and memorable, hitting so many highlights in a short time. I will definitely seek them again when we return!".

Diane Weber
New Lenox, IL - USA
"Pauline met us and to be honest while my daughter is arty, I am not. I was going to leave them to it but Pauline made it so interesting, that I could of spent all day there.".

Melbourne - Australia
"Our Louvre tour guide, Claude, was also fantastic! I could have easily done an 8 hour tour and listened to more of his descriptions and history of each piece of art. ".

Kate Sheerin
Tinton Falls, NJ - USA
"Our Louvre tour guide, whose name escapes me at the moment, was fabulous, and incredibly well spoken on the exhibitions she showed us as we went through the Louvre. She was so lovely. She was amazing!".

Donna Imbarrato
"Setting everything up online and by phone before we left for the trip was quite easy. Our guide was Yvonne and she was wonderful. She contacted us the day before to confirm, which was very nice. She was very pleasant and extremely knowledgeable, and her English was wonderful".

Scottsdale, AZ - USA
"Our tour guide was incredible. Tatiana was super knowledgeable, incredibly nice, took all of our interests into consideration when deciding what to show us and tell us. We LOVED her and would recommend her to everyone. Our tour of the Louvre was fantastic. I cannot say enough great things about Unique Paris Private tours. I am an incredibly picky person, difficult to please with very high expectations and all I can say here is that they are perfection in every possible way. When we go back we will use them again, if you are going for the first time or the tenth, you should hire them for a private tour or two!!!".

Wendy K.
Boston, MA - USA

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