Louvre & Orsay Tour

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Skip The Line Entrance Tickets included
  • Type of Tour: Private Tour with skip the line tickets
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Tour highlights at Orsay: Manet’s On The Beach; Monet’s gardens at Giverny; Cézanne’s card players; Renoir’s Ball at the Moulin de la Galette; Degas’ ballerinas and more.
  • Tour highlight at the Louvre: Venus of Milo, Wedding Feast at Cana, Mona Lisa, Raft of the Medusa, Nike of Samothrace and the Apollo Gallery.
  • Meeting Point: Louvre Museum
  • Max. Size of your Party: 6 people (for larger than 6 pax party, please contact us as we need special reservation at the Orsay museum).
  • Price: 400 EUR + 29 EUR/adult for 1 to 6 people
  • Cancellation: Full refund if we receive the notice at least 1 week before the tour, 100% penalty fee otherwise

A must tour for art lovers !

In this 5-Hour tour you will have the chance to explore both one of the largest museums in the world, the Louvre and one of the most beloved one in Paris, the Orsay.
You will get a full insight of the masterpieces of the Louvre, going back in the history as far as the Greeks/Roman era. Our passionate professional guide will take on this great journey through the different periods of art. You will be able to admire Mona Lisa as well as the Venus of Milo and La Liberté by Delacroix and many more.

After this immersion in the past, we will cross the stunning Tuileries gardens designed by LeNôtre, to reach the former train station, also known today as the Orsay museum. Here after a brief introduction about impressionism, our professional guide will take you inside to tour the wonders of the impressionists masters: Monet, Cezanne, Degas, Courbet, Renoir, Gauguin, Van Gogh.

The time will pass by very fast, as you enter 2 different universes in each museum, but the guide will make the link for you and make this experience a true dive into the art you will never forget.
Of course in both museums, you will skip the line to enjoy only art, not the queue.


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