Paris Chocolate Tour

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Child-Friendly Tour
  • Type of Tour: Private Walking Tour - Tastings included
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Tour Highlights: 4 chocolate shops, several chocolate bonbons, macarons, hot chocolate...
  • Meeting Point: near Madeleine Church
  • Max. Size of your Party: 8 people
  • Price: 150 EUR per adult, 130 EUR for children under 12
  • Cancellation: full refund if we receive your notice at least 1 week before the tour date, 100% cancellation fee otherwise

Your passionate guide will engage you in her world of Chocolate!

You will begin the tour at one of the most famous chocolate makers in France! Starting your journey with the history of the cocoa bean and learning all there is to know about the cocoa. You will be learning things like - where it is grown and produced, how we produce chocolate and also all of the little stories and anecdotes around it.

But of course, if you are here to learn about it, you are surely here to taste it! So, bring your appetite with you, because the focus of this tour is on the tasting! Our guide will have you taste at least 8 different chocolate bonbons (pieces) from four different world famous chocolate makers and pioneers in the field. France is famous for its ganache, but also for its pralines, which you will both experience on the tour. We promise when you are done with this tour, you will never look at chocolate the same way!

As you progress on your tour, your professional guide will escort you into the world of macarons, bringing you to the master of macarons and again sharing with you why the French are so passionate for this tiny dessert. During this tour, you will acquire new knowledge as well as how to pick the perfect macaron! After your encounter with the best macarons in the world, you will continue to work on your palate and will begin to detect new flavors. This will be a new experience and a joyful discovery!

This is a child friendly tour, as it allows the children to enter the French food culture the easy way, but is also a great pleasure for all of the chocolate lovers in this world!

Please note that this tour does not take you to any factories, as those are mostly located in the suburbs of Paris. This would also prevent you from tasting at the many local artisan shops and makers in the City.


"We took a private chocolate and pastry tour of Paris with Carine as our guide. That tour was fantastic! So much fun for our family to learn a bit of the background of these Parisian goodies and more fun to taste all the samples Carine provided at the various locations! ".

Scituate, MA - USA
"We took a day trip to Paris from London and wanted to maximize our time. Carine set us up with a chocolate tour in the 6th and 7th districts that was one of the best things we've ever done in Paris. In addition to eating some great food, we felt like we saw the non-tourist side of Paris for the first time in several trips. Good email communication and very accommodating as we tried to develop plans for the day. I'd definitely use this service again".

Jody Davis
Cary, NC - USA
"We selected the Chocolate Tour to get a different experience in Paris and were not disappointed. Carine was our guide and thoroughly made the tour informative, enjoyable, and very tasty. We visited four high end Chocolate stores in central Paris and sampled to our hearts content. It was a lot of fun and a great break from the crowds at other Paris attractions. We highly recommend Unique Paris Private Tours!".

Debbie H.
Tampa, FL - USA
"Wonderful Carine took us on an informative and yummy tour of chocolate in the French Capital and it was great. Chocolate has never been the same since - in a good way.More insightful information about the City - and chocolate! Carine also took me to some shops that I wanted to visit and we had a great time with her. She could not do enough for us and I found her to be great fun to be a round".

Melbourne - Australia
"So, our chocolate tour with Carine was perfect. We all learned a ton about that dark piece of heaven and learned to discover nuances in taste, country of origin and makers. It was a fabulous walk through a fun part of town adjacent to the Rue Royal so what could be better?".

Christopher B.
McLean, VA - USA

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